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The Teams You’ve Met in Showdown 2022

This article features the four teams that debuted in the Marble League Practice Round. For the article that focuses on the six teams in Group A that were unable to qualify, click here. For the article that focuses on the six teams in Group B that were unable to qualify, click here. A Rocket inContinue reading “The Teams You’ve Met in Showdown 2022”

The Highest Glory – Part 3

This is Part 3 of “The Highest Glory”.Link to Part 1Link to Part 2 Monday, 15:30 BIT Snap, snap, snap, went Mandarin’s camera. The O’rangers were one of many following the formation of metallic marbles, marching through the Athletes’ Village and toward the Team Galactic building. “I mean, wow,” said Orangin at the sight. “Did CoachContinue reading “The Highest Glory – Part 3”

The Highest Glory – Part 2

This is Part 2 of “The Highest Glory”.Link to Part 1 Sunday, 16:30 BIT Others keep telling Mallard, Captain of the Green Ducks, that they’ve worked as hard as they could in this Marble League. The athlete themself is unsure. They remember their medal-winning feats, like all those clean hits they took to grab theContinue reading “The Highest Glory – Part 2”

The Highest Glory – Part 1

Sunday, December 11th, 12:00 Brace Isles Time (BIT) The Pond has been nothing but loud for the past month. The Green Ducks’ stadium sits on a plain perched between a mountainous forest to the north and the rocky ocean to its south. Every day, you could hear the fans inside The Pond cheering and stompingContinue reading “The Highest Glory – Part 1”

ML2022 Memo #11: Swing Wave

“We’ve shone into victory,” exulted Shiny, watching Sterling smile while rolling their eyes. “Some would say we’ve risen to the occasion. But it’s really a surprise to all of us.” Sterling looked down, clasping their two golds. “In fact, we’re spinning around with excitement!” interjected Sparkle, whisking away their team to rouse up their fanContinue reading “ML2022 Memo #11: Swing Wave”

ML2022 Memo #10: Outdoor Triathlon

For some fans, this year’s Triathlon mixed novelty and nods to the past. For JMR, a way to fully realize what they have first envisioned for 2019; for Stinger, a chance to get the medal they fell short of winning back in 2020. The Bumblebees trusted the former Hornet to challenge big names and executeContinue reading “ML2022 Memo #10: Outdoor Triathlon”

ML2022 Memo #9: Block Pushing

The stars had perfectly aligned for Team Galactic. “I didn’t realize that we’d broken the record until we heard all our fans going wild,” commented Pulsar. “But we hit the block with everything we had, and it paid off.” Next to them, Starry looked over the block pushing course and shifted their medal to theContinue reading “ML2022 Memo #9: Block Pushing”

The Teams You’ve Missed in Marble League 2022 – Group A

This article focuses on the six teams in Group A that were unable to qualify. For the article that focuses on the six teams in Group B that were unable to qualify, click here. After months of waiting to see which teams would compete in Marble League 2022, we finally know the sixteen teams thatContinue reading “The Teams You’ve Missed in Marble League 2022 – Group A”

ML2022 Memo #8: Sprint

Hours had passed since the Sprint event, and as we welcomed Green Eye into our reporting booth, they noted that their heart had been racing since the starting gate lifted for their record-breaking heat. “No, don’t worry about me…” A medical official was passing by in the hallway as Green Eye rolled into the suite,Continue reading “ML2022 Memo #8: Sprint”