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M1S4 Memo #4: Greenstone

Draklin was full of memories. Not necessarily all bad ones, but they still rung fresh. The silver lining, aside from their newly acquired bronze, was that they’d managed to duck away from the post-race press conference. Cloudy, now alone, let the race settle in their mind, flicking the corners of their notes. The pages wereContinue reading “M1S4 Memo #4: Greenstone”

M1S4 Memo #3: Fear and Fanmarbling in Rosaka

The flowers reminded Misty of home. “Home” was a secret they would keep to themselves for the rest of eternity, something reporters never quite understood even after all these years. They were all smiles today, a sharp turnaround from last week. They’d already shown their true colors anyway, Misty mused. The right thing to doContinue reading “M1S4 Memo #3: Fear and Fanmarbling in Rosaka”

M1S4 Memo #2: The O’raceway Press Conference

The world’s best left the O’raceway after a hard-fought day on the pavement and sand. The podium finishers rolled off with their teams after bidding their farewells to the masses of fans longing for autographs and pictures. Royal and Red Eye had slowly built a history of electric battles in Marbula One, but Red Eye’sContinue reading “M1S4 Memo #2: The O’raceway Press Conference”

M1S4 Memo #1: Return to the Razzway

As the closing ceremony concluded, the adrenaline and smell of champagne beginning to wane, the three podium sitters shared one curt glance between them and nodded before wordlessly parting paths. They had said all they needed out on the track. Momo was the first to take their leave, nervousness clouding their mind as their bronzeContinue reading “M1S4 Memo #1: Return to the Razzway”

MRS6 Memo #10: Spirit

At the halfway point of the final race, Ghost Plasma and Slimer were locked in a battle for 7th position; a battle with such great championship implications, for these two contenders were tied on points going into the final. Ghost Plasma saw Slimer go slightly wide at one of the wider left-handers and seized theContinue reading “MRS6 Memo #10: Spirit”

The Best Racer

Six racers. One champion. Who will come out on top? The Underdogs The fancy avenues of Felynia were all the more jubilant on one Saturday morning, as the sun dawned on a fantastic performance by their pride of the Marble Rally the previous day. However, the marble victorious was hardly sighted in the city —Continue reading “The Best Racer”

MRS6 Memo #9: Race 9

Reflektor dusted themself off after a hard-fought race. Despite a brilliant start, they had fallen to fifth by the end of the race. Given the circumstances, a disappointing finish, but a competitor always welcomes a top-five.  “I almost had it!” Reflektor remarked to Slimer as they rolled to the podium. “I really could have takenContinue reading “MRS6 Memo #9: Race 9”

MRS6 Memo #8: Appreci8ion

The first victor of a Marble Rally main tournament race, Pollo Loco looked like no stranger to the podium when they approached its top step at the end of this race. With eight medals over five seasons, “Pollota’s Pride” had become known as a fan favorite athlete, even if they, to date, have never placedContinue reading “MRS6 Memo #8: Appreci8ion”

MRS6 Memo #7: Race 7

Sandy, a Marble Rally journalist, rolled towards the podium finishers for their post-race interviews after the medal ceremony. Slimer, as the race winner, went first. “First win in six years… but you’ve certainly had success in between. How did it feel to finally return to the top step?” Sandy inquired. “It was euphoric, of course,Continue reading “MRS6 Memo #7: Race 7”

MRS6 Memo #6: Race 6

It took six races, but the defending Marble Rally champion had finally got back on top of the podium. After a bronze in the previous race capped off a disappointing first half, Superball had shown everyone they were still a force to be reckoned with. Ghost Plasma, after starting on pole position, had jumped outContinue reading “MRS6 Memo #6: Race 6”