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Marblearth Masterpieces

What are Marblearth Masterpieces?

They are a collection of creations from the community of Marblearth in response to a multitude of tasks, from story writing, poetry, and acrostics, to art, photography, and cooking crafts! These tasks offer a chance for everyone to join in whenever they feel like it, to show off their skills and learn some new ones!
The winners of each task are showcased on this page.

Task #1: Shall I Compare Thee to a Marble League
Top Pick: PippinPlover
Task #2: Focusing on Autumn Training
Top Pick: Orang1
Task #3: Champion Crowd
Top Pick: Smacg13
Task #4: Autumnal Antics
Top Picks: B.J.V. Dimafelix & Seaweed
Task #5: One-Word Story
Task #6: Spooky Speed
Top Pick: Chloro
Task #7: Souper Season
Top Pick: TripleHaven
Task #8: Athlete Acrostics
Top Pick: Nangarranga
Task #9: Insignia Iterations
Top Pick: PippinPlover
Task #10: Winter Wanderings
Top Pick: PippinPlover
Task #11: Rolling Resolutions
Top Pick: Orang1
Task #12: Captured Celebrations
Top Pick: Zero_
Task #13: Adventurous Acrostics
Top Pick: WildyDylan
Task #14: Extreme Imagineering
Top Pick: Pastelle
Task #15: One-Word Offseason Moments
Task #16: Chant Check
Top Pick: ghostDM
Task #17: Legends of the Lime Lap
Top Pick: Goofball
Task #18: Jellotech Is Hiring!
Top Pick: Pastelle
Task #19: #Hashtag
Top Picks: B.J.V. Dimafelix, Dolphin0, Laurent Rollon, mystic_playz
Task #20: Choose Your Marble
Top Pick: Laurent Rollon
Task #21: Rhymes of Recollection
Top Pick: Goofball
Task #22: Photo Ops
Top Pick: Vector
Task #23: Hmm Hmm Wow
Top Pick: Turtle
Task #24: Covering Covers
Top Picks: Laurent Rollon & Chloro
Task #25: Firework Festivities
Top Pick: ToffeeShop
Task #26: And Our Sponsor Is…
Top Pick: jokeR
Task #27: Marbula Moments
Top Pick: ToffeeShop
Task #28: Victorious Vignettes
Top Pick: Irixb
Task #29: Fan Team Contest
Top Picks: Dolphin, Mystic, Pesky, Vector
Task #30: Arena Acrostics
Top Pick: B.J.V. Dimafelix
Task #31: Sweet Treats in September
Top Pick: NordiqueWhaler
Task #32: We Didn’t Start The Flames
Top Pick: ghostDM
Task #33: Event Imagineering
Top Pick: NMO
Task #34: Fall Free Verse
Top Pick: Pesky & Emmun_Issac
Task #35: Marbellous Memes
Top Pick: Pesky
Task #36: TBA
Top Pick: TBD

The original sketch for Phase 2 of Marblearth, illustrated by Betawolfs!
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