Project Marblearth would be nothing without the marble sports fanbase: a robust community that is always eager to engage with the content of Jelle’s Marble Runs and bring it to the next level. The members of the community that have contributed to Project Marblearth are featured on this page.

Editorial Team

Stynth's avatar, illustrated by Betawolfs!



When Stynth discovered Jelle’s Marble Runs in December of 2017, Team Momo’s narrative of pushing through adversity inspired him to become a fan of both the team and the channel. As Stynth became involved in the community, he joined the Project Canon initiative, organized by the former JMR Committee, with Mellacus and Novawolf. The project aimed to give every marble team and athlete a narrative and continued inspiring Stynth to focus on world-building. During his time on the Committee, Stynth published a story for every active Marble League team (a “RetRollSpective”) and wrote other articles to expand the narrative of JMR.

Stynth began Project Marblearth to share his passion for lore writing with the robust community of marble sports fans that welcomed him four years ago. While he wrote many of the articles included within the JMR Expanded Universe, Stynth contends that the stories within them belong to the JMR community. Through Project Marblearth, he is excited to see those stories come together and come to life in new ways.

When he isn’t writing or editing lore, Stynth is also a Marblebase Discord moderator, a subreddit moderator, and a fan joining Time Check in the grandstands to cheer on marble sports athletes!

Discord: Stynth#0231
Reddit: u/Skystrykr
Contributor’s Choice: “A Farewell From Felynia”

Edu G. J.

Managing Director

When he discovered marble sports in September of 2019, Edu was impressed by the vibrant colors and the performance of the Raspberry Racers. After a year of growing interest in marbles, JMR, and its lore, he decided to interact with the inner community, which eventually led to a bigger involvement with the channel and his collaboration in the project.

Discord: EduGJ23#0383
Reddit: u/EduGJ23
Contributor’s Choice: “Buzzing Off”


Managing Director

Phoenix discovered the magic of marble sports around 2017, but it was only later on that the intricacies and the community captured them to entirely engage with the Discord community. Enjoying the sports for what they were, Phoenix became a fan of all the teams and their activity on the Discord community was merely the spark to a long-serving passion for getting involved with other fans and finding out about the lore of each team. Initially known in the community for just long paragraphs of “wisdom”, as well as always being there for a random conversation about anything, Phoenix found themselves becoming more and more interested in writing and creativity to do with marbles.

Phoenix joined the Project Marblearth author team in early 2021 after inspiration to share their creative passions and help flesh out the world of Marblearth, while also contributing photography and artwork.

Phoenix also moderates the Marblebase Discord community, and away from a life of marbles, enjoys acting, singing, music, and dancing. They have high hopes for the future of Project Marblearth and are glad to be a part of it on its journey.

Discord: Phoenix#5680
Reddit: u/phoenixpotter5680
Contributor’s Choice: “The Prophecy”

The Emperor

Creative Director

Hello there! I’m The Emperor, a longtime Team Galactic fan. Ever since December 2017, I’ve been a fan of JMR, and am thrilled to be helping the channel out with the Project! In addition to being an author and photographer for the project, I am a member of the Jelle’s Marble Association, and in my free time, I enjoy trivia games and playing baseball!

Discord: The Emperor#9506
Reddit: u/palpatinethe2nd
Contributor’s Choice: “To the Stars and Beyond”


Creative Director

Nonagon came across Jelle’s Marble Runs in June 2020 and fell in love with the Crazy Cat’s Eyes the moment they pranced across the balance beam to win the first event of the 2020 Qualifiers with a 407. She has since gone on to write witty commentary on marble sports for the Felynia Times under her marble persona Violet Eye, contributing to the JMR Subreddit as a columnist and later as a moderator. She is excited to contribute to the lore and narratives of the beautiful marbles of JMR as a Marblearth contributor and creative director. When not excessively rewatching Crazy Cat’s Eyes victories in JMR videos, Nonagon can be found playing the oboe, listening to and arranging music, watching Ghibli movies, or asleep.

Discord: Nonagon#5553
Reddit: u/Nonagon21
Contributor’s Choice:


Creative Director

Smacg13 first came across marble sports in early 2019 and quickly became a fan of the Green Ducks. In their quest for more information on marbles, they came across the JMR wiki and began to add to it, eventually becoming one of the admins. They mainly use their experience as a chronicler of marble sports to edit articles.

Discord: smacg13#7914
Reddit: u/Smacg13
Contributor’s Choice:

Laurent Rollon

Design Director

Laurent Rollon is a reporter from L’Sphére as well as a part-time illustrator and race simulator. He has helped several Marble League teams design their press conference booths.

Discord: Laurent Rollon#8520
Contributor’s Choice:


Design Director

Bio coming soon!
(Piney is a member of this project who illustrated the banner at the top of this page. Thanks for being awesome, Piney!)

Discord: Piney#3638
Reddit: u/pinewhines
Contributor’s Choice: “Seeing Green”

Creative Contributors



Bio coming soon!

Discord: ElrQ#9618
Contributor’s Choice:


Writer/Editor, Graphic Designer

Fouc is a former active member of the community and of the JMR Committee. Over time, he’s also made a few contributions to the Marblearth lore and has editorial experience at The Rollout Magazine. His commitment to maintaining the community canon’s high quality is his own way to ensure the community around JMR feels as alive and dynamic as it has up to now.

Discord: foucaulf#5847
Reddit: u/JMR_throwaway
Contributor’s Choice: “Top of the Meowntain”



Ghostly has been a fan of Jelle’s Marble Runs since 2017, and in the 2020 Showdown, fell in love with the Turtle Sliders. Most known for his undying adoration for the Turtle Sliders, many would say he is the number 1 Turtle Sliders fan in the world. Ghostly spends his days ranting about the Turtle Sliders, Hollow Knight, just a couple of cards, and many other random topics whilst making unfunny jokes on the Marblebase Discord. Somehow that allowed him to become a moderator, which in turn allowed him to create this cool puzzle for 12 Days of Marbles. Don’t ask how, nobody knows. Thrilled to be helping out with the Project, Ghostly will put to writing exactly why the Turtle Sliders are objectively the best team in the Marble League! Go Turtle Sliders! #ShellShocked!

Discord: Ghostly#2976
Reddit: u/GhostlyGhostl
Contributor’s Choice: “A Bittersweet Slide”

Hector Walker


Hector, aka ghostDM, has been a fan of JMR and the Green Ducks since 2019. He’s a prominent member of the fan account community, running the Ghost Plasma Twitter account and working on the now-closed Marble Hotel, and recently joined Project Marblearth as an author. A longtime admirer of Stynth’s work, Hector’s most excited to be able to work on Sand Marble Rally lore, finally giving it the attention it deserves. Outside the project, Hector is also a cast member on the Let It Roll podcast and enjoys making music, watching tennis, and playing tabletop role-playing games.

Discord: ghostDM#6067
Reddit: u/Hector_Walker_xd
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: mystic_playz#3394
Contributor’s Choice:


Writer, Designer

Bio coming soon!

Discord: orbitball#9621
Reddit: u/Orbitball
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: MarblesToday!#4346
Reddit: u/TheFlute20
Contributor’s Choice:

Ramen Powder


Bio coming soon!

Discord: ramen powder#0977
Reddit: u/ramen_powder
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: RyanCourt#4628
Contributor’s Choice:

Roilan Estates


Roilan found JMR in late 2017 right before Marble League 2018 started. He is an avid Raspberry Racers and Deep Ocean fan who can scarcely go a day without mentioning either Marble League 2019 or Sand Marble Rally 2018 Race 1. He loves statistics and the analytical side of marble sports is what drew him to the community. In addition, he has a passion for writing and is excited to be contributing to Project Marblearth.

Discord: Roilan Estates#8606
Contributor’s Choice:


Writer, Photographer

I have been watching the League and supporting the Limers non-stop since 2017, and am an aspiring lore-writer and photographer! I am very invested in lore teams and competitions, especially the Fruit Circuit. I look forward to exploring the JMR Expanded Universe!

Discord: FrabjousVector#9389
Contributor’s Choice: “Out of the Limelight”


Editor, Designer

When entering the Project Marblearth scene, Bookity came in with only Algodoo as a means of marble-making, and they still use it, for some reason. They look up to Jelle in how those with autism can do amazing things. They go through a world of pain, for they are a Kobalts fan. Whenever not doing stuff in Marblearth, they like playing the drums, watching streamers, eating cheese, losing in their favorite games, praising Cerulean, and most importantly taking care of their three Toadette plushes. Beware of them, because their idiocy can be contagious.

Discord: Bookity#5058
Reddit: u/bookity_
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: Mesp#4069
Reddit: u/TheMesp
Contributor’s Choice:



Skyfall is a hardcore Team Galactic fan that was introduced to JMR by John Oliver and has been hooked ever since! He stumbled across Stynth’s lore one day and fell in love with the worldbuilding and detail put into each edition, and when he heard that Project Marblearth was accepting applications, it seemed like an obvious decision to apply. Outside of the project, Skyfall has dabbled in many aspects of the JMR world including stat keeping, fan accounts and even the Let It Roll podcast.

Discord: Skyfall_707#4620
Reddit: u/Skyfall_707
Contributor’s Choice:

Shea Rollovic


Bio coming soon!

Discord: shea™#3681
Contributor’s Choice:

Design Contributors



B.J.V. has been a big JMR fan since March 2017. He’s also a Savage Speeders fan ever since they won ML16 and a Purple Rockets fan because…he’s…also purple. He also currently runs a YouTube channel with over 2K subscribers and his marble art was inspired by Jack Ironhide.

Discord: B.J.V. Dimafelix#2744
Reddit: u/dashingfinger
Contributor’s Choice: “Jawbroken” & “Buzzing Off”


Artist, Photographer

Aspiring marble photographer and massive JMR and O’rangers fan!

Discord: SuperJackJack#7873
Contributor’s Choice: “RetRollSpective – Bluefastics”



Bio coming soon!

Discord: PeskyBird666#8048
Contributor’s Choice:

Phantasm Agaric


I’ve loved marbles since I was a kid, and have been following JMR since 2018. I also love all kinds of lore and world-building, as well as the amazing community surrounding JMR, and I’m really happy to be able to contribute the pictures I’ve made in order to flesh out this wonderful world a little better!

Discord: phantasm_agaric#9334
Reddit: u/Phantasm_Agoric
Contributor’s Choice:

Rojo Nico


Bio coming soon!

Discord: Rojo Nico#9364
Reddit: u/RojoNico
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: speny37#8231
Reddit: Coming soon!
Contributor’s Choice:



Bio coming soon!

Discord: Turtle#3236
Contributor’s Choice:

Former Contributors



The artist who illustrated the Marblearth icon, Betawolfs is not an active contributor to the project but has designed many assets for the lore in the past, many of which appear on this site. You can reach out to her for your own commissions on Twitter @BetawolfsMarble!

Discord: Betawolfs#2652
Reddit: u/betawolfs
Contributor’s Choice: Logo



A self-proclaimed genius, also really likes Orange Juice.

Discord: Efmo#3730
Reddit: u/RunawayMemes
Contributor’s Choice:

Nordique Whaler

Writer/Editor, Photographer

Nordique is one of the more adventurous marbles amongst Project Marblearth. They were inspired by Stynth to travel around Marblearth to report on the Marbula One teams’ seasons while they were preparing for the 2021 Marble League. The teams tend to enjoy their company, even if the occasional failures for the said team come up again. In the real world, he is a Writer/Editor on Project Marblearth. Besides the project, he loves to watch hockey, spend time outdoors, and reminisce on retro songs.

Discord: Nordique Whaler#3594
Reddit: u/midnightspeeder
Contributor’s Choice: “The Will of the Wisps”



Creator of Marble Sports Films, including the films “Midnight Miracle” and “From Worst to First”.

Discord: Jaiden#6645
Contributor’s Choice: “Midnight Miracle”




Discord: Shino#5794
Reddit: u/Shino336
Contributor’s Choice: “RetRollSpective – Balls of Chaos”

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