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Explore the community-organized initiative to expand the narratives of the Jelle’s Marble Runs universe beyond the videos, chronicled in a series of blogs.

Project Marblearth is a community-organized initiative to expand the universe of Jelle’s Marble Runs, a YouTube channel that creates marble sports series such as the Marble League, Marble Rally, and Marbula One. The overall goal of Project Marblearth is to bring the community’s stories of how marble athletes get into sports and become the best versions of themselves through their training to life.

Get in touch with the Editor-In-Chief:

Email: stynthforsure@gmail.com
Discord: Stynth#0231
Reddit: u/Skystrykr
Twitter: @StynthMarble

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What is Project Marblearth?

New to the JMR Expanded Universe? Read about the development and goal of Project Marblearth below.

How do I get involved?

Interested in joining Project Marblearth? Applications to contribute to Phase 2 are open!

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